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"I have attended five births with the fabulous Nicole Lavallee and will be birthing my fourth child at home with her looking out for us. If there is any woman in the entire world I would want at my birth it is her. Hands down. I trust that woman with my life and love her to pieces. She's much more than a midwife- she's a teacher, an amazing friend, and just a beautiful spirit. I never knew what a birth could really be before I attended a birth with her. Yeah, I highly recommend her."
Whitney H., Professional Birth Photographer

"Ditto what Whitney said about Nicole. Had my homebirth last November with her and it was the best experience of my life!"
Anna P.

"I had a difficult labor and without Nicole, I am positive that I would have had a C-section! She was incredible and saved the life of our son who is now perfectly healthy and thriving! Nicole is a great choice."
Deb P.

"Love! I can't wait to do it again. I never thought I would have warm and fuzzy feelings about wanting to give birth again. Don't get me wrong, the babies are wonderful. I just never thought I would actually look forward to the birth experience. Nicole, you actually made it one of the best experiences of my life."
Ashlie S.


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